The team at Balsari Lab studies public health emergencies, working closely with populations in distress, humanitarian response agencies, civil society organizations, governments, and international agencies. 

Our work is informed by clinical practice in emergency departments in the US, and research and health care delivery in communities affected by disasters and wars around the world.

Our technical innovations and white papers have advanced clinical care and public health delivery in South Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas.

What’s New:


Addressing local challenges in data procurement, processing, and analysis to construct a regional data-ecosystem for reducing climate impacts on communities.

Digital Health Needs Finding Study

Exploring the digital requirements of Indian health systems, seeking innovative solutions, and pinpointing discrepancies between stakeholder needs and current identification methods.

Community HATS

Uncovering insights into the real-life effects of extreme temperatures, aiding local communities and governments in developing effective climate adaptation strategies.

Climate Change and Human Health

Working with faculty and centers across Harvard University and elsewhere to examine and prepare-for the impact of the changing climate on human health.

Header image attributions, in order: EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid; Oregon State University.

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